Pranic Healing can help improve your fitness!

Relaxation Sessions available on Monday & Tuesdays

Do you want to overcome chronic conditions and have less stress?

Would you like to feel happier, calmer and have clarity of mind?

Discover the secrets to better health and vitality to transform your life

There’s a simple, yet powerful and effective system which can help you resolve issues and create a pathway for recovery.

Book a treatment or learn the techniques yourself.

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To book a session or for more information, please contact Pauline Robinson

T: 0759 091 9916

Treatments for Physical Health
Migraine, back pain, hypertension, digestive issues, respiratory ailments, heart conditions, low energy and much more.

Treatments for Psychological Health
Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, phobia, addiction, motivation, self esteem and much more.

Relaxation Sessions available on Monday & Tuesdays (see timetable on website)

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